TRavel surgery

The Sklar Bunionectomy is a unique procedure that fairs well to travel surgery due to its reduced recovery time. Most patients having the Sklar Bunionectomy will be able to walk the same day out of surgery without the use of a cast or crutches.  

The procedure is performed outpatient in our office with no hospital stay.  This means no exposure to hospital based cost, wait times, or facility fees.   

The doctors at Foot First wish they could be all over the world fixing feet beautifully, however we do need patients to come to us.  We have performed many surgeries from patients across the nation, and even across the world!  Let us make this a comfortable experience for you here in the Chicagoland area.

We usually begin with clear e-mailed photos of both of your feet so we can perform a basic evaluation.  We can then suggest procedures, pricing, and answer any detailed questions you may have.

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Travel considerations

All of our surgeries are performed within our office in Schaumburg, IL which is conveniently located near Chicago's O'Hare Airport and a number of hotels within a 10 mile radius.