A unique and extremely thorough treatment plan for painful ingrown toenails.

What is an ingrown toenail?
An ingrown toenail usually presents as a curving on the sides of the nail.  An ingrown toenail most commonly presents itself on the big toe, frequently on the inside edge but it can occur on both sides of the nail.  It is common in all ages.  It can be painful or non-painful, may become infected, and may drain if left untreated.

Interestingly, most people think that an ingrown toenail must be painful or infected to be called an ingrown toenail; this is not true.  Most ingrown toenails are ingrown or curved well before there is pain or infection.  When left untreated, pain and infection begins.  Infected ingrown toenails are most commonly caused by improperly trimmed nails or “picking” at your toenails.  It can also form as a result of direct injury, such as someone stepping on your toe, something falling on the nail, or when playing a sport such as soccer.  The propensity for developing an ingrown toenail may also be hereditary in nature.

Pain, bleeding, drainage, redness, swelling and curving of the nail are most commonly seen.

Diagnostic Tests
Most of the time, ingrown nails are so obvious to the experienced doctor, just by the appearance.

At Foot First Podiatry, our treatment is unique and quick.  The goal in treatment consists of removing the ingrown nail and root of the nail.  Acids or a laser may be used.


Our patients are able to return to work and most activities the following day.



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