Do your Painful Bunions Prevent you from Wearing the Shoes you Love?

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Have you ever wanted to wear beautiful shoes but couldn’t because of bunions or long hammertoes?

So many women suffer with ugly and painful foot deformities because they are afraid of surgery, time off of work and noticeable scars. The Sklar Bunionectomy™️ allows women to remain on their feet after surgery and leaves no visible scars. The Sklar Bunionectomy™️ leaves your foot looking beautiful and functional.

FF | - The Sklar Bunionectomy & Toe Shortening 2.jpg

These two women had the Sklar Bunionectomy™ to both sides of their feet, and one had toe shortening to as well.  Both of these women were able to walk out of surgery. Both of these women were back into a gym shoe in 2-3 weeks.  Both of these women now have beautiful, scar free feet shown here and in their high heels.  

FF | - The Sklar Bunionectomy & Toe Shortening 1.jpg
FF | - The Sklar Bunionectomy & Toe Shortening 4.jpg

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