Bunion Surgery the Foot First Way

A few patients new to my office came in to discuss their bunion deformity and how to help treat it. They were worried about having their bunions removed after they saw a Podiatrist and a surgical patient on the Dr. Oz show. What they learned from that episode was:

1. Bunion surgery should be a last resort treatment
2. Bunion surgery is very painful
3. Cast and crutches are needed
4. Must be off work for up to 8 weeks
5. Performed in a hospital
6. Performed under general anesthesia
7. Long ugly scar "

That is bunion surgery done THEIR way.


A typical bunion surgery done in MY office does not require casting or crutches. My incisions are hidden on the side of the foot and can barely be seen. Depending on what type of work you do, most patients have the surgery in my certified surgical suite on a Thursday, are driving a car by Saturday and return to work on Monday.